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What can you expect in a conversation situation? Experience it with virtual training actors. And gain insight into the best practices with scores and feedback.


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Innovative and online learning like you have never seen before. A company that comes up with new solutions with great creativity.


Scientific foundation

Our online platform has been co-developed by Utrecht University. A solid scientific foundation on which we continue to build.

Power of virtual actors


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About DialogueTrainer

With DialogueTrainer you practice difficult conversations and situations online, with virtual training actors. They take on the role of customer, colleague, candidate, client, patient and many others. You will gain insight into the conversation method, structure and correct approach. Feedback and scores tell you about your learning goals. You can practice anywhere, any time on desktop, tablet and mobile.


DialogueTrainer online training courses are scalable and can be used in existing learning environments or programs. Scores provide insight into performance and  are helpfull in developing further training and coaching. Our training courses can therefore be used by business, training agencies and education.

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