Tricky conversation situations you always want to practice

We accomplish this with clients, partners and the DialogueTrainer team

Learning is experiencing

Experience what to expect in a conversational situation and the effect of different approaches and choices.

Innovative and creative

Virtual training actors who can be angry, sad and happy. And a team that works in an open atmosphere and with great creativity.

Scientific foundation

Our online platform was co-developed by Utrecht University. A solid scientific foundation on which we continue to build.

About DialogueTrainer

The idea behind DialogueTrainer is that communication skills are improved by focusing on experiential learning. Our online communication “flight simulator” allows organizations to give professionals and students insight into their task and role and train in key skills. Our virtual actors provide insight into strengths and learning objectives through feedback and scores. This creates management information for follow-up training and coaching. You can practice anywhere, anytime and as often as you want.

Science-based, AI-driven

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Michiel Hulsbergen

Chief Executive Officer

Jordy van Dortmont

Chief Technology Officer

Johan Jeuring

Chief Science Officer

Frank van der Meulen

Chief Commercial Officer

Yme de Jong

Account Manager

Jan Nederhorst

Customer Succes Manager

Marcell van Geest

Software Architect

Ignaz Kevenaar

Interaction Designer

Laurens Hendrikse

Instructional Designer

Rafaella Karadsheh

Instructional Designer

Martín Avilés

AI & Data Developer

Anne Coolen

Implementation Specialist

Giacomo Galletti

Frontend Developer

Ron de Ruijter

Business Developer

Mitra Kohnesheen

Instructional Designer

Claudia Hendriksen

Instructional Designer

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