Effective communication determines your level of success

Conducting professional dialogues improves your organisation’s performance. DialogueTrainer’s innovative online dialogue training helps optimise your employees’ conversation skills and develop powerful soft skills that directly impact performance.

Why choose DialogueTrainer

Scalable training

Customised training modules for individuals, teams or entire organisations. Available on any device so employees can practice as often as they wish.

Measurable results

Training data offers real-time insight into employee performance and areas for improvement so you know what your team needs to grow.

Unique features

Interactive, scientifically supported dialogue simulations ensure a high level of engagement in a safe training environment.

Quality conversations

Our dialogue training modules are always practice-based. Virtual conversation partners assume the role of a client, colleague, or applicant.

They challenge your current and potential future employees to make the right choices in simulated dialogues that reflect recognisable work situations. The advanced technology of our unique, scientifically supported dialogue models measures the interaction and makes performance and development levels instantly visible. So employees can quickly develop their conversation techniques and make a difference for your organisation within the market.

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The dialogue training modules are fully digital. Each dialogue simulation is always available and can be practised as often as needed on any device.

Multiple people within your organisation can simultaneously work with the same simulation, making our online training modules scalable, efficient and cost-effective.


Our developed dialogue models are data-driven. That makes the results measurable and clearly defined; employees also receive immediate feedback.

These results are clearly and transparently displayed in a dashboard overview so employees can work on their professional development and managers know exactly what their teams need in order to meet certain KPIs. Measurable results can also serve as benchmarks for current and prospective employees.

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Unique features

The dialogues can be applied to any imaginable work situation.

Doordat werknemers ook op elk gewenst moment en op elk device kunnen oefenen, zorgen onze online gesprekstrainingen voor een unieke, steile leercurve. Daarnaast verhoogt de hoge fun factor van virtuele gesprekken de betrokkenheid bij deelnemers. Zo weten je werknemers steeds beter om te gaan met uitdagende situaties, in een toegankelijke en veilige leeromgeving.