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Revolutionizing communication training

Technology is all around us and presents great opportunities. With revolutionary technology DialogueTrainer is able to transform professional conversations into challenging online simulations. Our virtual training actors enable practice with difficult conversations in a safe environment. The focus is on the individual learning process and measurement.

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“The body language and verbal feedback from the group of students was unbelievable! I couldn’t believe how they responded to the emotions the character was displaying! I heard “awwws” gasps, and students saying things like “oh, she is mad now”, “oh no, you made her sad”.”
Mary Hodorowicz, PhD – University of Maryland, School of Social Work

What to expect?

Improve personal effectiveness and job satisfaction

Providing great services requires high quality communication. Empower your people and increase their self-confidence to realize your business goals. Train them in:


  • Competence and performance conversations
  • Career conversations
  • Inspirational leadership
  • Delivering bad news
  • Assessment interview


  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Collaboration
  • Setting boundaries
  • Persuasion
  • Motivating

Sales & Services

  • Consultative selling and upselling
  • Negotiating
  • Advising and informing
  • Complaint handling
  • Shared decision making

Gain insights into performance

Scores and feedback provide insights into performance of employees for trainers and management staff. Use input for individual and group development plans.

Experience the conversation

Learn how to be effective in conversations, by experiencing the effects of your behaviour. Interact individually with a virtual coach, or reflect on best-practices together with a group.

Integrate simulations to realize change

Integrate conversational simulations into your communication training for a real and effective learning experience that people will not soon forget. Make an impact on your employees, trainees and clients.

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