Impact on Education Healthcare

To help broad groups of (future) healthcare professionals to have difficult conversations, we developed the ‘DialogueTrainer Healthcare’ environment. A solution to many current challenges in the healthcare sector lies in having better conversations. Better conversations with patients ensure a quality improvement in the care provided and increase in-patient self-care. As a result of improved communication, patients are better able to change their behavior. When they have a say in their treatment, their motivation increases alongside the chances of a speedy recovery. Additionally, better conversations lead to more effective collaboration in healthcare organizations because feedback is given more constructively, and information is more effectively transferred. Through better conversations, more is achieved, and more is clarified. Frustration among healthcare professionals decreases, which has a positive effect on their job satisfaction and job happiness. Conversation simulations provide healthcare professionals with an opportunity to experiment with a new approach when it is not possible in practice. In education, simulations bring work environments to the classroom, making conversational situations from the future field playable. Students engage interactively and get a better picture of the work field.

Gives insight into difficult conversation topics in the work field

Practice before it becomes practice

Scores provide insight into learning goals and thus stimulate personal development

Understand what phases the conversation consists of and what your goals are for each phase.

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