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Effective communication is the core task of government. Communication with colleagues, with citizens and with social partners. As a (semi-)governmental organization or civil servant, you are constantly dealing with a large number of interests and stakeholders. Steering our social traffic is complex and you notice that in conversations. With target groups representing their interests, conversations can go well or escalate. With people entrusted to your care, you can miss signals. When cooperating within a chain, coordination can be difficult or go wrong. There is a constant risk of missing something, so there is a tendency to keep a low profile. Meanwhile, government organizations are bursting with expertise on how to have different conversations effectively. How do you unlock this knowledge for existing and new employees? DialogueTrainer does this by incorporating this expertise into simulations.

What our customers say

“We believe in a learning method that details more interactivity, and DialogueTrainer is a tool that certainly demonstrates this.”

“We believe DialogueTrainer’s conversation training programs are very truthful and give you the opportunity to practice indefinitely, 24/7 wherever and whenever you want.”

“It is a low-threshold way to practice interviewing, bring students more into both the theory followed in this, and that they can also apply the theory.”

Play sessions

More than 400 thousand individual play sessions of conversation simulations from DialogueTrainer.

Individuals Trained

DialogueTrainer has already improved the conversation skills of more than 60 thousand people.

Conversation simulations

Together with our partners and customers, we have created more than 500 simulations and adapted them to specific recognizable situations.


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Why DialogueTrainer?

Practice online with virtual actors, on any device, including Virtual Reality, whenever and as often as you want! Each conversation simulation combines a challenge from work practice and a conversation model. Your virtual conversation partners assume the role of customer, colleague, candidate, client or patient. Your conversation partner responds to every choice you make in the conversation with speech, intonation, emotion, facial expressions and body language.

DialogueTrainer measures what you do and provides instant feedback on your choices. As a manager, trainer or teacher, you have insight into development and learning needs via scores.

Better customer experience

In conversations with customers, goals are clear, employees understand what a customer needs and know what to do to achieve it.

Better results

By communicating and engaging in conversations with purpose and focus, you lift the organization to a higher level, both internally and externally.

Grip on development

By targeting employees and monitoring scores, you know how groups are developing and where attention is needed.

Fewer errors

Because employees see where there are risks in conversations, and know when a conversation is in order, you avoid costly mistakes.

Healthy Corporate Culture

By providing targeted training in conversation skills, you offer insight and give employees confidence to engage in conversation.

At a lower cost

Because it is digital, simulations are indefinitely playable and always available, at a fraction of the cost of other training.


The benefits of DialogueTrainer

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