Motivational interviewing

Behavioral change is challenging. As a professional helping others, Motivational Interviewing (MI) provides practical solutions to navigating conversations to empower your client.

In collaboration 
with MINT experts

This learning environment was built in colaboration with MI experts from two universities

Other MINT members who provided input and feedback are Maret Miljan, Thijs Biemans, and Miranda Bok.

Mary Hodorowicz, Phd, LCSW-C

Kurt Dermen, Ph.D. and Molly Rath, LCSW

Increased motivation
for change

Clear steps towards empowered, durable change

Better understanding of your client




How does it work

A simulation-based learning environment combines lively interactions to experience challenges and theory as practical solutions.

Self directed learning

As a self directed learner you gain practical experience with MI in a safe learning environment with clear feedback.

Hybrid learning

As a trainer, you challenge learners with goal directed experiences to which theory provides solutions, and monitor progress.

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It's incredible how useful this is.

Katherine y Cornejo

This was an absolute success. It's wonderful to see students struggle and step into pitfalls in the simulations, to then learn and improve.

Katherine y Cornejo

It is amazing to see students step into pitfall such as trying to fix the problem for the client. The simulations make them feel responsible.

Katherine y Cornejo