Training cooperation

Cooperation that goes without saying? Not always. Different individuals with different characters, talents, opinions and goals sometimes make cooperation difficult. Practical matters can also be obstacles to smooth cooperation. Think of unclear team goals, expectations that are not clear or a lack of communication. Nevertheless, you achieve the best results with good cooperation. The core of working together is dealing successfully with other people. Which conversations are important in cooperation? How to be succesful?

The idea behind DialogueTrainer is to improve communication skills by focusing on immersive learning. We realize this with challenging online simulations in which you practice with virtual training actors. Our online platform was co-developed by Utrecht University.

Power of virtual actors

Online training cooperation

Better cooperation increases productivity. To achieve effective cooperation it is important to motivate, coach, give feedback, address and convince each other. Good conversations offer you the time, space and, above all, the opportunity to put these skills into practice. But how do you do that? We have digitized the five most common and challenging cooperation discussions for you. 

What can you expect in the online simulations? Below you will find an overview of the content of the conversation simulations.

Giving Feedback

  • Making contact
  • Feedup
  • Point of improvement
  • Feedforward
  • Closing


  • Making contact
  • What reluctance is there
  • Discussing it
  • Target interest
  • Motivate


  • Making contact
  • Focus questions
  • The personal challenge
  • What can you do yourself
  • Coming to agreements
  • Determine next steps

Addressing behavior

  • Making contact
  • Confront behavior
  • Naming the boundary
  • Discuss
  • Cooperation
  • Agreement

Goal setting

  • Opening
  • Goal setting
  • Discuss expectations
  • Discuss expectations of the other
  • Convince
  • Agreement

Practice in a safe environment when it suits you. Very easy to integrate into existing training courses or to embed into existing e-learning platforms (through LTI).

Challenging simulations that encourage play.

Scores provide insight into learning objectives and direction of further training and coaching.

Play individually or as a group, and learn from each other.

“The participants were triggered by the game element and the feedback. They wanted to immediately “improve” themselves by playing the simulation again.”

More insights and knowledge

Our online communication “flight simulator” offers organizations the opportunity to provide professionals and students with insight into their task and role and to train them in important skills. Our virtual actors provide insight into strengths and learning objectives through feedback and scores. Read more about online communication training, innovation and other insights.


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Have one of these conversations tailor-made? This is possible from € 1500.

Blended learning & customization

Is the right conversation about leadership & management not there? Or would you like to tailor it within your context and question? Or are you curious about a blended learning approach with our conversation simulations? Then all kinds of custom solutions are possible. Ask us your question.

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