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Whether you work in business, government, education or healthcare: good conversations make the difference everywhere. We are very proud of what we have already done for clients. View our testimonials and see how our clients use online simulations for onboarding, on-demand learning and blended learning.



Bad luck with your car or admitted to a foreign hospital? Chances are you will get the Eurocross emergency center on the phone. They assist Dutch people in need by telephone 24 hours a day. In the summer period it is logically busier at the emergency center and they hire many new people.

“Participants were triggered by the game element and feedback, and immediately tried to ‘improve’ themselves by playing again.”

Online simulations for onboarding

And that presents a challenge. Because how do you train about 75 new employees – with a difference in level, background and learning style – in a fast and contemporary way to properly address customers? In their search within this onboarding issue, they ended up at DialogueTrainer.

Insights with scores

New Eurocross employees play various conversation simulations. In this they practice a telephone conversation with a virtual customer. They do this individually first: so that it becomes clear what they already master and where they need additional training. Then they continue to work on this in small groups, together with others who have the same learning objectives.


Employees gain insight into the work they will be doing in a short time.

The classroom training is more targeted: trainers respond to scores and learning goals, and employees perform better in role-playing with more confidence and insight.

The simulations can also be used for the following group of newcomers.

On-demand learning

Kenneth Smit

Kenneth Smit has been offering various sales training courses for more than 30 years. Their training is always interactive. To provide support in the sales process, Kenneth Smit developed an additional online training component: the ‘SalesBoks’ app.

“By simulating practical challenges in a – safe – virtual environment, professionals can improve their knowledge, skills and attitude!” 

Self confidence through practice

In that app it is possible to measure KPI´s in the sales area and to play DialogueTrainer conversation simulations. Because a good sales conversation requires a good conversation approach and self confidence. How do you handle a first sales call? And what do you do if someone asks for a discount, for example?

On-demand learning

Participants can practice those sales conversations in the app when it suits them: on-demand. That has many advantages: you can practice just before a real sales conversation. Then pick up the phone or enter the appointment with confidence.


Participants can practice 24/7 with sales conversations: on-demand learning.

Available by phone, so micro learning is always at hand.

Simulations allow you to try out other choices, so you can safely learn from your mistakes.

Blended learning


Samsung develops a wide range of electronic devices: from mobile phones to refrigerators. Continuous innovation is important with competitors lurking. This means that good cooperation – and therefore a good feedback culture – is required.

““We chose DialogueTrainer to benefit from an approach that ensures a safe learning environment for participants. And more importantly: one that provides insight into individual learning questions and facilitates continuous support and activation.”

Blended learning

To work on this, Samsung has set up a blended training program together with DialogueTrainer, linked to the HR cycle. Managers first practice individually in an online conversation simulation with giving feedback, in the context of a competence-oriented conversation. This gives them insight into what makes the conversation challenging and where there are pitfalls.

Online to offline

Then the managers interact with a trainer and actor in the classroom training with a clear personal learning question, and with more self confidence. The trainer and actor also have insight into individual scores and respond to them. The offline training can therefore be used very purposefully. Immediately after the training, we provide new conversation simulations. This keeps their knowledge and acquired skills up to date.


Managers come well prepared to the classroom training, with personal learning questions.

Going through the simulation together stimulates discussion and knowledge development.

After the training, learning continues: follow-up simulations encourage continued development.

Learning environment


Vilans is the Dutch knowledge organization for long-term care. They facilitate organizations and professionals with research, knowledge and advice. For example, they are working on the implementation of Deciding Together in care organizations. Where a doctor and a patient decide on a treatment together.

“The great thing about the learning environment is that the healthcare professionals actually actively start practicing the conversation, in contrast to many traditional e-learnings.”

Online learning environment

Taking decisions together has many advantages – such as better informed patients and more treatment compliance – but it does require a good conversation. That is why we developed an online learning environment for Vilans in which healthcare professionals can practice with the 6 steps of Deciding together. They gain insight into the conversation model and learn how to apply it in practice.

Follow-up and accreditation

The online simulations are combined with theory, video and quizzes, for a higher learning return. In addition, to keep their knowledge up to date, 3 follow-up moments have been built into the training, whereby healthcare professionals can practice again. This e-learning is accredited by the Dutch Association of Clinical Geriatricians.


Healthcare professionals can go through the e-learning in their own time and pace.

The online simulations help to understand the steps of Deciding Together.

Accreditation points can be earned with the e-learning.

Blended learning & tailormade solutions

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