Improved productivity

Attention to the person in the employee leads to higher productivity

Energy Balance

With energy to work, with energy at home

Sustainable employability

The right attention in every phase of your life: permanently employable with energy

Reduce absenteeism

Treated with attention leads to lower absenteeism

Impact on Vitality

A healthy workforce is a precondition for a healthy organization. The work-life balance has been under pressure for years, but the balance has increasingly shifted in favor of work. This can be due to the growing popularity of working from home, where home = office and office = home, an aging population, and the shortage in the labor market. Work app groups and work email on private phones don’t make things better.

Communication is the key to more vitality among employees. We are blind to KPIs and targets, which means we micromanage too much and forget about people. Sincere attention to the person behind the employee, taking care of each other, developing trust, coaching, giving feedback, and sincere compliments are energizers for everyone. It is also important to give employees the tools to take care of themselves, the team, and the organization.

Satisfied customers


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