Background and learning results of our online training platform

Playing with communication

Communication is not always easy. In specific situations you can feel uneasy, insecure or even anxious. Though, in theory, you may know what to do or say, communication might prove very awkward in the factual situation. This may be due to the situation being unfamiliar or stressful, or to you acting out of habit. Communicate shows you your current behaviour and allows you to practise alternative behaviour in a secure setting.

Virtual relationships

Communicate provides various relations with whom the player engages in conversation/of: starts talking/ by choosing from a number of answer options. Each choice results in a specific reaction from the virtual partner, in the form of an emotional facial expression and an utterance.The effectiveness of the communication is determined by the player’s choice.

The system registers each answer that is chosen and can provide scores and feedback, either during the game or.when the dialogue has been finished. Communicate .reacts to the player’s knowledge and skills and  the next steps for further development are made to measure the player’s needs.

"Learning with Communicate is nice and useful, because we have had little time to practise our communication skills. If only we had had this tool before starting  our traineeship.” 4th year student at medical school.

Reaction from Herma, 4th year student at medical school.

Theory and practice

The game based learning environment of Communicate offers both theory and learning by experience. In this way professionals as well as students gain knowledge as well as experience on all communicative skills that are required. Hundreds of professionals and thousands of students in the field of healthcare, government and education have already been introduced to Communicate and have substantially developed their communication skills.

Serious gaming and flexibility.

Communicate combines flexibility with the attractiveness and intrinsic motivation of (serious) games. Users play conversation scenarios online and can compare themselves with others through their scores. Conversation scenarios can easily be made, adapted and extended.

Applying Communicate

The development of professional communication skills can be described by means of the learning curve. We distinguish four stages during which Communicate, in different ways, can strengthen the learning process. More information through the button at the bottom of this screen.

Learning Effects