Online Communication Skills Training Platform

Playing with communication

As a professional you will sometimes have to have awkward conversations.This may require you to adjust your usual behaviour to meet the new situation. How do you prepare for this?The only way is to gain experience: how do you react in awkward situations, how does the other person react to you, how do emotions affect you and where are your blind spots?We have developed a tool that offers online practice. Communicate, the training platform of DialogueTrainer, will help you out!

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We are convinced that our online training platform Communicate will allow for more people to be trained in a contemporary way than would be possible offline.

Safely engage in conversation

Try and learn from experience before you act ‘real life’.

Flexible in use

Adjustable to customer-specific situations and adaptable to learning objectives.

Anytime, anywhere

Practise where and when you like, either alone or in a group.

Model projects

Well Understood

How can a healthcare professional communicate properly with someone who has been diagnosed  incurable? And how does this change if the patient has limited health capacity? And how do you find this out?

In collaboration with Pharos and Nivel we are developing the model project Well understood, a communications-toolbox which enables professionals to practise with concrete, complicated sitiations. This project is paid for by ZonMw.

DJI - Craftsmanship

Working in prisons involves continuous communication

The aim of imprisonment is no longer just keeping the prisoners locked up inside. Prison guards stimulate the education of inmates to prevent them from engaging in criminal activities once they have been released.

Together with the Training Academy of the ministry of justice we are developing online training modules for prison guards.

The origins of DialogueTrainer

Our online tool Communicate has been developed by Utrecht University in order to enhance education in communication by focusing on learning by experience.Together with the city of Utrecht, a foundation called Overvecht Gezond andVolte Foundation, dialogues have been developed which, involving The Virtual Patient, have been successfully tested in primary medical care.

More information on The Virtual Patient