Supercharge Classroom Learning with Virtual Avatars: A Game-Changer for Educators and Students

Virtual simulation and #edtech are taking the world of education by storm, offering students unparalleled opportunities to gain experience and improve their skills while building confidence to join tomorrow’s workplace.  

DialogueTrainer’s cutting-edge virtual learning program is at the forefront of this revolution. We offer experiential learning on desktop, tablet, smartphone and even VR, engaging students in all types of customizable scenarios. Meanwhile, teachers and educators get access to a dashboard that gives them data to gauge a student’s performance. Basically, everybody wins!

Did you know that ‘soft skills’, such as the ability to collaborate, plan work, adapt and gracefully handle emotionally loaded conversations, contribute to overall job performance and are therefore highly valued by employers? And that, by investing in conversational skills at an early phase during school, college or university years, students are actually a couple of steps ahead of their untrained peers? Those with experience and confidence will benefit from this advantage when competing for the same jobs once they move into society’s workforce.

Exploring the Impact Across Disciplines

To give you an example of how virtual avatars are proving to be game-changers, here are some fields DialogueTrainer is currently successfully being used in:

  • Nursing and Healthcare: students practice patient communication, empathetic listening and delivering difficult news in a low-pressure environment;
  • Business and Management: students develop negotiation, conflict resolution and team leadership skills, preparing them for the demands of the corporate world;
  • Education: future teachers practice classroom management, parent-teacher conferences and addressing sensitive topics, all within a safe and controlled setting;
  • Social Work and Counseling: students gain experience in empathetic listening, crisis intervention and effective communication in challenging situations.

Join DialogueTrainer March 29 – 31 at #Bett2023 in London

Ready to experience the transformative power of virtual avatars in education? Join DialogueTrainer at the Bett 2023 event from March 29-31 at ExCeL London, the world’s largest education technology exhibition. We’d like to show you firsthand how our innovative platform can elevate your students’ learning experience and prepare them for success in their chosen fields.

Unable to attend Bett 2023? No problem. You can still schedule a demo with DialogueTrainer anytime and explore the possibilities of virtual simulation for your instituion or classroom. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the future of education! Send an email to or press the Book a Demo button to schedule your timeslot.